The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of Responsibility and the wings of Independence.


Lower Elementary

The LOWER ELEMENTARY PROGRAM in LMS is for children 6-9 years old (grades 1-3) and marks the beginning of what Dr. Montessori referred to as the Second Plane of Development. Just as the Children’s House environments are designed to meet the sensorial needs of children in the First Plane of development, so too is the Elementary program designed to meet the expanding cognitive and social needs of the Elementary child. In three-year, multi-aged environments the Elementary program offers a fully integrated curriculum that includes language arts (English, Arabic, and French), math, art, geometry, biology, physical education, history, music, geography, and physical sciences.

Through hands-on learning experiences, storytelling, individual/group exploration, and research, students build and strengthen academic skills.

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment


Upper Elementary

The UPPER ELEMENTARY PROGRAM in LMS is a continuation of the Lower Elementary Experience for children 9-12 years old (grades 4-6). As the Elementary child’s abstract reasoning, academic and social skills grow, so does the Upper Elementary curriculum and experience. The integrated curriculum of the Lower Elementary continues into the Upper Elementary in an ever more complex manner and focuses on developing higher levels of critical thinking, academic knowledge and skills, communication and personal expression, responsible independence and social responsibility.

 An important element of both the Lower and Upper Elementary curriculum focuses on the student’s contribution to the larger community. Community service projects are woven throughout the year. Whether it’s tending to our organic gardens, or taking a leadership role in our school’s recycling efforts, these students are making a difference in the lives of those around them in direct and tangible ways.